Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Around the Camp Fire

We bought a nice humidifier at the beginning of this winter.  It really kicks out the steam; and the kids think it's pretty neat and, to quote Isaiah, "comfy."  Steam, however, is not a concept my children understand; they think it's smoke.  A couple times before bed if I didn't remember to start it, Adriana has told me, "Mom, you forgot to light the fire!"  This misunderstanding became much more pronounced today.  We have a real fireplace in our home, and the kids are accustomed to watching Dad throw paper and cardboard into the fire to get it going.  During playtime, I found the kids feeding their own "fire."  They had turned on the humidifier and torn pieces off a box I was going to recycle, shoving them down the slots at the top of the humidifer. I'm learning never to be shocked at what three little minds can scheme up.  So, I got to spend 20 minutes or so taking a humidifier apart; because with three kids, I of course have lots of spare time to spend on things like this....

A couple of great quotes from the week:

Adriana has taken to telling us, "My name is Luke."  
We have no idea where she got this from.  We only know one Luke, and I'm not even sure Adriana knows who he is.  Where she thought up that name is a mystery to us and why we hear, "I'm not Adriana, I'm Luke" is a mystery to us.

Adriana was asking me where God is.  I was trying to explain that He is everywhere; and though she can't see Him, He can always see her. 
She responded, "I want to see Him so that I can hug Him and kiss Him." *melt*

I gave Isaiah a haircut on Saturday.  He looked in the mirror to see and said, " I don't even recognize myself!"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Pics

The more clients I've had, the less I've photographed my own children (shame on me!).  So I decided to do some Valentine's photos with them. By the end of it, I remembered why I rarely do my own kid's portraits.  Being the photographer and the mommy can get a little hairy when it involves three small people.  And to add to it, I did all this while Daddy was at work...why can I never learn from past mistakes!?!
So many whines and bribes later, we at least managed a couple of decent photos:

My oldest thinks he's a little magazine model:

Thursday, February 12, 2009