Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yesterday's quotes

We have a simple routine with Adriana in the earlier hours of the morning. She wakes up around 5:30, has her morning milk, gets her diaper changed, and goes back to bed for another hour or two. She must have this all memorized; because yesterday morning while Steven changed her diapers, she looked at him and asked, "Ba to bed?"
Later that morning, the kids and I went to our pool. Using the only way to exit, we headed through the girl's locker room area. Elijah realized where we were and shared his feelings: "EWWW! The girl's way!"

Monday, June 25, 2007

Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary, my husband took me down to the Crystal Coast in North Carolina. There we stayed at Harborlight Guest House, a wonderful bed and breakfast. We had a memorable trip doing things like napping together in the hammock, eating a gourmet breakfast on the porch while watching dolphins swim by, kayaking in the harbor, stuffing ourselves with seafood, and relaxing on the beach. It was special just to be alone and to recount the ways that God has been faithful to us in our marriage.

The view from our room:
The Bed & Breakfast:
Faking a big catch:
My favorite kind of sunset is over the water:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Pianist

We have a budding pianist. While we can't get her to walk or stand by herself, she somehow manages to stand on her tip-toes so that she can reach Grammy and Papa's piano and and make some music!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day

baby holdin',

party lovin',

adventure takin',

buddy makin',

labor coachin',

laughter lovin',

child huggin',

nap time snugglin',

trick teachin',

outdoor playin',

mommy lovin',

infant rockin',

cookie decoratin',

memory makin' ------DAD.

Thanks for family nights, memory verses, monkey time, guys nights, Story Bible time, date nights, and all the ways you serve us. We are so grateful God gave you to us as the servant-hearted leader of our family. WE LOVE YOU!!! ~Alyssa, Isaiah, Elijah, & Adriana

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Pool

One of my kid's favorite places to be during the summer (besides the ice cream parlor) is the the pool. There, my boys are just as opposite as ever. My Isaiah wants to wear goggles, have floaties on his arm, and keep a swim ring safely around his middle. Only then, might he dare to venture from the 2 ft. deep area into the 3 ft. area (mind you, the kid's almost 4 ft. tall). Elijah on the other hand wants only to wear a bathing suit and merely because I make him wear at least that. And he has made parent-less attempts to jump into the deep end by himself. Guess which boy I worry about more? Adriana loves the pool and is content to walk circles around the edge of the baby pool. Mommy loves that the pool is both entertaining and exhausting for the kiddos which results in long naps afterward!
Floatie boy:

Contemplating how to get that miniature piece of mulch into her mouth:

Can't-turn-my-back-on-him boy:

At the pool with Daddy:

Getting a ride:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Questionable Sleeping Arrangements

My parent's fully finished basement is practically an apartment and is perfect for when our family spends the night. We stay in the basement bedroom with Adriana while the boys sleep on the pull-out couch in the basement living room. Last weekend when we stayed there, we put the kids down for the night and went upstairs to go play Scattergories. Elijah gave us a hard time about staying in bed, but finally seemed to quiet down. When our bedtime rolled around and we opened the basement door, we found that Elijah had fallen asleep...

... just not where we left him.
When I was pregnant the first time and looking down adoringly at my growing belly while dreaming of motherhood, I never pictured little children asleep on the top step or answering things like, "MOMMM...ISAIAH'S LOOKING AT MEEEEE!!!!" As a mother, you find yourself in the strangest situations or having to say the strangest things. Let me give you a few examples just from today. How about: "You may not shoot a crayon out your Nerf gun." or "Please don't step on top of the bowl." or "Even when you're sixteen, I don't think you'll be able to jump up to the [cathedral] ceiling."
Now you'll have to excuse me; I need to go kiss some giggling boys in their bunk beds. Hopefully that's where they'll fall asleep.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Fabulous To Be Five!

Last week Steven jokingly told Isaiah to stop getting bigger. In a serious tone, Isaiah replied, "I can't help it; I keep having birthdays!" Sure enough, last Saturday, he had yet another birthday! Isaiah turned five in a day filled with balloons, a "space-ship" cake, a trip to the pool, duck-duck-goose games, and the Charlotte's Web movie.
The space-ship cake:
Blowing out ALL the candles in one long breath:

The highlight gift from Grammy & Papa:

Butting heads with brother:
After a full day of fun and games and no nap, the tired birthday boy broke into tears. I asked him why he was crying, and he replied, "I don't feel like I'm growing." But to me, he's growing way too fast...

Monday, June 4, 2007

11 Months Old

As of yesterday, Adriana is officially eleven months old. Milestones in her eleventh month of life include learning to clap her hands, sing, bee-bop to music, and fully scale a flight of stairs. Her vocabulary has increased at a rapid rate to include words like "guys" (when she calling her boys), "Isaiah", "Elijah", "no", "this", "apple", "wow", "teddy", and more. She will also repeat most short words that we say. A pro at speed crawling and furniture walking, she is too chicken to attempt any standing or real walking. Shrill, protesting screams ensue if you attempt to get her to stand on her own ("Are you trying to kill me!")

I love this stage and my growing girly.