Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Psycho Fan To Daddy

When I met my husband, he was a football fanatic...and that's putting it lightly. Not only did this former, all-region highschool football player watch just about every televised game. But he became the self-made University of Toledo "Psycho Fan". He went to every game in tights and a cape (no, I won't be sharing photos) and became a sort of mascot during his four years of college, even having a write-up in a local paper.
After his conversion, the cross became bigger and bigger in his eyes and football got smaller and smaller. Suddenly, he was watching fewer games and prioritizing his time. Now don't get me wrong; my husband still loves football, especially the University of Michigan. He could still hold a lengthy conversation giving you stats of the team and how he predicts they will do this year. He still tries to watch his Wolverines every autumn Saturday. But it's no longer a high priority in his life.
As I looked over the railing in our home this past Saturday, I realized that the Psycho Fan has truly become a daddy. I rushed to get my camera to capture this candid moment during the game. Who says you can't have tea party while watching football?

And the neighbors can still hear him when Michigan makes a good play...

A Bit of Humor

While we were hanging out with our kids, a friend was telling me about how her daughter Isabella was stung by a yellow jacket.
The next morning, Elijah said, "Mom, do your remember how Isabella was stung by a coat?"
Adriana has been confusing the names of bodily functions. Yesterday morning, she sneezed while reading.
"Momma," she told me, "I tooted on my books."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Art Tuesdays

My friend Nicole and I are doing our homeschooling together every Tuesday. We figured it would break up the week and allow us to work together in tackling things like art, science experiements, and field trips.
Being in charge of art projects is my contribution (anything but the dreaded science experiements!). Nicole had the great idea of photographing our kids with their art projects so that when the refrigerator filled up with display items we wouldn't have to rent out a storage unit to keep the memories. So I figured on the two or three Tuesdays a month that we do art, I would share the photos on the blog. Today we made painting using the wheels of Matchbox cars instead of paint brushes. You can imagine the kick the boys got out of finding another use for those beloved cars.

The boys' buddy, Jack:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day

Today was the first day of kindergarten for Elijah, first day of 1st grade for Isaiah, and first day of teaching multiple students for Momma...reasons to be thankful...reasons to rely on God strength.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I tried on the dress I bought for my brother's wedding.
Adriana looked at me and asked,"Oh, Momma, are you a pin-cess?"
From my two-year-old girl, that's about the highest compliment I could get.