Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adriana Video Interview

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

These Days

This pregnancy has officially rendered me "Winter's Most Boring Mom"; not that I have ever been in the running for "Most Exciting". Nausea and sheer lack of energy have kept us at home with things like accomplishing school, reading, Wii playing, bouncing off the bunk beds (not me!), watching old Cosby shows, and playing multiple games of Sorry for entertainment. Besides school our biggest accomplishment was reading through the entire set of the Chronicles of Narnia.
The other night I finally pulled out the camera and had my kids pose for a couple of head shots, just so I could actually say that I'd taken a photo of them in 2010.

Our recent favorite quotes have come from Adriana. Here are a few:

As I did my hair the other day, she was watching me and commented, "Mom, you're so jealous."
"What does jealous mean, Adriana?," I inquired.
"It means that your putting gel in your hair!" (Well, duh!)

Me: "I'm looking forward to seeing what our baby looks like."
Adriana: "She'll look like a butterfly."
Me: "Huh?"
Adriana: "Well most babies look like a butterfly."
Then it clicked. Me: "Oh, I get it. You mean when they're all bundled in their blankets?"
Adriana: "Yes!"

We've discussed that all our baby will eat when she arrives is mommy's milk. So here was Adriana's bedtime prayer the other night: "Dear God, please help our baby to be able to eat yogurt and milk and crackers and eggs, like Carter, and cereal. Amen."