Welcome to my simple blog...
I'm a mother of four and a genuinely happy wife. And yet neither one of those things define me in the way that redemption has. Being a recipient of God's grace is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. 
I am a photographer (though who's not these days) with my own little business (yes, I actually pay taxes). I'm a decorating wanna-be, a coffee addict (totally convinced I'm a better mom with a cup of Joe), a laundry mountain climber, a bit of a food hippie as of late (raw cacao nibs, anyone?), a fashion lover (though it's probably more of an attempt to avoid mom-jeans with all of my might), a person who loves to talk face to face but hates chatting on the phone, and a mediocre writer who reaches for the parenthesis button far too often (if you hadn't already figured that out for yourself). 
So join my two boys, two girls, hot hubby, and yours truly as I blog some of the adventures, lessons, and moments in our life.

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