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Join our family of six (one day hopefully seven) as we grow and learn and seek to understand what it means to go about our lives knowing we actually live twice. There will be good moments and moments I'd rather forget. We'll have temporary petsmommy driving, date nights, delicious superfood treatspathetic attempts at gardeninga growing love for the country of Ethiopia, tradition-making, homeschooling ups and downs, gluten allergiesdays of playing the touristvacations, and plenty of brainless moments. I might blog my own thoughts; or if you're lucky, I'll get someone else to blog theirs! And now with my new resolution, there is a camera sitting on my shelf in hopes of capturing these moments; so that if I sit in a nursing home one day, I'll be surrounded by memories in the form of pictures. Along the journey in motherhood, I have the joy of sharing with a wonderful man and a faithful God who pursues me and even uses hurricanes to get my attention.

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