Thursday, July 30, 2009

Motorized Bikes

One of my boys favorite things at the family reunion we attended was the motorized bikes that were there. No pain, all gain...I could hardly keep them off!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spas Family Reunion

The whole crew minus the photographer:

PiƱata bashing...Adriana's turn:

Isaiah's turn:

Elijah's turn:

Pin the beak on the flamingo:

Steven with his dad and brother all in their Hawaiian garb:

My hubby thought he was quite big and bad with his borrowed do-rag:

Monday, July 20, 2009

Three Birthdays

We traveled to Michigan last weekend for a family reunion (photos to come). While there, we had a little party with Steven's immediate family celebrating Adriana's, Elijah's birthday, and Great Grandma's birthdays.
The 14 month age difference between Adriana and her cousin Trinity is quickly becoming less and less of a gap. The two of them had more fun than ever playing together. As they played, they would stop and grab each other for an occassional hug.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Teeth, Coins, and Fake Fairies

For about two weeks, Elijah wouldn't allow us to pull his first loose tooth. Finally two nights ago, as his tooth practically dangled in his mouth, Steven called me into the bathroom. He said that if we didn't pull it out, he was worried it would fall out in the night and that Elijah would actually swallow it in his sleep. We tried talking to Elijah to convince him that the time had come for an extraction, but he refused to comply and started screaming. After trying to calm him down with no results, we explained that we would be forced to do this with or without his consent. He continued to scream through the two seconds that it took to pop his tooth out. When we finally got him to calm down, he told us, "Well, that didn't hurt." He went from panic mode to beaming with pride, and excitedly put his tooth under his pillow so that the tooth fairy, "who is actually Daddy; right Mom?", could visit him.
The rather large and masculine looking tooth fairy did visit him in the night with a bunch of coins, and in the morning I could hear squeals of delight coming from the top bunk. A little while later, Elijah jumped out of bed and ran to me again in a panic.
"Mom! Mom! A coin is in my belly!"
"What!? Are you kidding me!?! You swallowed a coin?!"
"No, no! I didn't swallow it; I put a bunch of coins in my ear and one fell down!!"
I sighed in relief, "No, honey, coins can't do that. It must have fallen in your bed."
He replied confidently, "Oh, no. It went down. It's in my tummy."
A few moments later his big brother helped him find the missing coin, and Elijah's personal piggy bank theory was dispelled.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Reason Summer Is The Best- BREAKFAST WALKS!

How does a mom of three get the kids fit in breakfast and a walk before the heat of the day? Breakfast walks!
This summer we started breakfast walks on some mornings. After the kids get up, I get them dressed, pack their breakfast in sandwich bags, and load up the wagon. Then as we walk, I pass out breakfast- a simple idea with little clean-up and lots of fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Princess Birthday

I was a very girly girl who grew up, married her prince, and had two very boyish boys. Now don't get me wrong; I'm happy that my boys are into cars, sports, and all things boy. But when the ultrasound technician reported to me that my third baby would be a girl, my mind filled visions of dresses, pink, and dolls. Shortly after that it struck me, that my daughter would have two brothers; and I realized that I my sweet one might end up as quite the tomboy. To my delight (no offense to tomboys), besides the fact that my girlie can produce a pretty decent gun shot sound, I have one seriously girly little lady on my hands. And as her third birthday approached, Adriana had very set ideas on what it would look like. She wanted a princess birthday, more specifically a Cinderella birthday. So a princess birthday we gave her. She counted down the day for months, and I asked her wishes for many details of the day:
What color decorations? Pink.
What color cake? Pink.
What flavor of ice cream? Pink.
What flavor of cake? Chocolate. (That's my girl!)

We ended the day by playing "Pretty, Pretty Princess" with Momma, Aunt Nanny, and Grammy:
And now my princess is three.