Friday, August 22, 2008

Yittle Boo-Boos Part 2

Adriana fell and scraped her knee again which has fueled her everybody-checked-out-my-boo-boo obsession. Honestly, I think she secretly enjoys her scabs, but what she hates are the Band-aids I apply. To help with that, I purchased Nemo Band-aids. She got excited about them, but has yet to need one. So when it was Isaiah who received the first Nemo-necessary wound, she followed us to medicine cabinet clutching her knee with the well-formed scab.
"I nee one. I NEEEE one!"
"No, Adriana," I said, "Your boo-boo is healing fine and Band-aids are only for blood."
Without batting an eye, she continued dramatically, "It's buddy! It's buddy!"
"No, honey, it's not bloody."
The next day Elijah and I headed to the medicine cabinet to retrieve some Benadryl. Suddenly I heard some super-fake wailing behind me.
I look to see my daughter once more holding her knee with that fading scab, "Ooooh!! Owww!!"
I wondered to myself where on earth all this drama comes from!

Here are some photos from a recent trip to the playground. As a disclaimer, I do love my second child and try to photograph him. But he and the camera haven't been friends lately, and I don't want to push it. Hopefully, I'll get some shots of him on his 5th birthday next week.

Isaiah pretending to compete in his favorite Olympic sport:

On one final note, my sister found out this past week that she's carrying my nephew. When I explained how much fun a boy will be, Isaiah told me, "Now I'm too excited to sleep!" Sure enough, I never got a nap out of him that day.


  1. "I wondered to myself where on earth all this drama comes from!"
    You're not serious, right? Her momma was the drama queen of ouchies. If we heard you screaming we didn't know if you had just been hit by a car or if you simply scraped your toe.

  2. Steve and Alyssa,

    It was great to see your blog and catch up on what has been going on in your lives. What beautiful pictures and thoughts! We are expecting our third on Sept. 16 and we, like you, are having a girl after our two boys! We look forward to checking in on your blog again.

    Tim and Mary Klabunde


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