Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Art Tuesdays

My friend Nicole and I are doing our homeschooling together every Tuesday. We figured it would break up the week and allow us to work together in tackling things like art, science experiements, and field trips.
Being in charge of art projects is my contribution (anything but the dreaded science experiements!). Nicole had the great idea of photographing our kids with their art projects so that when the refrigerator filled up with display items we wouldn't have to rent out a storage unit to keep the memories. So I figured on the two or three Tuesdays a month that we do art, I would share the photos on the blog. Today we made painting using the wheels of Matchbox cars instead of paint brushes. You can imagine the kick the boys got out of finding another use for those beloved cars.

The boys' buddy, Jack:


  1. that's jack w., right? i didn't realize you were so close by.

  2. Yup, that's Jack W. We live in Northern Virginia and go to Sovereign Grace Church in Fairfax...

  3. Teaching Art to kids is fun. I do a class at our Satellite school for 12 K-4th graders year round. It is so much fun. I enjoy science too so I am doing an anatomy class for this same age. We have been on the 5 senses and having a blast. Love your kids paintings. Another fun way to save their art is with a blurb book or scanning/photos of the art and put it in small images on a poster to have printed....makes their art look like a modern art masterpiece and you can keep a years worth on one poster. Do you get family fun magazine? They had a bunch of cool ideas for art saving this month.


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