Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dear Neglected Blog,
  I haven't forgotten about you; I promise. I've just been busy- as in, really, really busy. Today I again remembered why I take the time to write posts.  It all flies by too fast.  Everyone told me it would; and yet, so many days seemed just the opposite: long.  Today I put the crib away.  It freed up space and made the room look so nice, but still I felt an ache in my heart.  There's been a crib in our house for nearly seven years, and it was hard to let it go. God only knows if and when it will be brought back out; but I'm finally realizing what everyone meant. Yes, the days can be long; but the time is so short. So, dear blog, thanks for helping me remember all the beautiful moments that God has blessed this momma with.

A Woman Who Has More Than She Deserves

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  1. Girl, you need another one so that you don't feel so heartbroken. I guess the bed is no longer "Nanny's bed." I hope Adriana isn't a bed hog.


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