Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Portraits

Getting family portraits done when you're the photographer, photo subject, and mom is a serious pain. I knew we need to get some done for 2009 but was procrastinating and dreading the job. Then it dawned on me- surely I was not the only photographer out there without a recent family photo that actually included them. So I contacted a friend who is a local photographer and asked her if we could swap family portraits. I thrilled when she agreed, and we had so much fun with the whole project. Here are some of the beautiful shots she took of our family:

Thanks so much, Janelle!

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  1. What a beautiful family, I love all the pictures!!!! the kids are so grown up!!! can't believe it.....Alyssa what do you do to stay young and pretty, you have to give me the recipe....
    Thanks for sharing them....


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