Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Beach Pictures

Some more photos from our family beach trip...

A tent and kiddie pool on the beach made a nice sun-free option for the little people while the mommies sunned themselves:

I ran for the camera as Carter showered hugs on one of his favorite people:

This is what happens when your 6 year old is kidnapped by his teenage aunt and uncle; at least his "gang sign" consists of the sign language version of "I love you". I love you, too, my little rapper:

Vacationed out:

Playing wave tag:

Josiah and Stephanie arrived at the end of the week to make a grand total of sixteen:

Now for a more typical Helms photo. Allow me to point out my two favorite things about this photo. First, you can see how nicely my new sister-in-law fits in with the crowd. Second, I love the way my nephew is looking up as if to say, "Why me, God?":

Josiah and the fabulous Stephanie:

Christine, Matt, and Carter:

Two of my favorite people:

Each of us played a different character from a different country for the Murder Mystery night. The burning question was "who done it?":

Midway through Murder Mystery night, we had a victim. A table knife is a depressing way to have to go:

So Dad, a.k.a Crick Watson from Australia, was dead. No doubt you can hardly handle the suspense of who the murderer turned out to be. But no fear, with our astute detective skills, we did wrap the case up in the course of three hours- over a delicious slice of cheesecake, no less. My own dear husband, Magnus P.I. from Dallas was the guilty party. So now, I suppose that means I am sleeping with the enemy.

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  1. I love these pictures! you all are such a fun fun family :)


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