Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Welcome Home Gift

My dad has poured countless hours of time using his excellent construction skills to save us thousands of dollars as we have slowly renovated almost every room of our house. But we saved the biggest project for last...
For those of you who have not been in our home, I wish I had more "before" pictures show you. But trust me, this room was in need of some serious help. One of the biggest parts of the project was that I really wanted to blow out a couple of walls to take the "window to the dining room" an open counter pennisula instead.
The same week that I became sick was the week that we had started finally renovating our kitchen. It worked out nicely that my need to move out of my home because of my illness got us out the way of the construction.
So think of it like an HGTV show.
Picture me as the designer who had all the big ideas and never lifted a finger to help.
Picture Steven as the hunky host who is also obligated to chip in on the work.
And picture my dad as the entire crew of people who descend upon the home, work their magic, and make it more beautiful than you could have dreamed.
And here's the finish product, though I promise you it's far more wonderful in person:

Steven and I can't thank you enough, Dad!

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  1. Wow! It looks amazing! What a blessing for you to come home to beautiful, sparkling kitchen.


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