Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wait For It...

Today we shall have no pictures of tiny brunette beauties, no fun kiddo quotes. At this moment, I'm in pre-vacation mommy muck. The kind that book-ends any "vacation"-laundry, errands, cleaning, sugar-forbidding, a packing list the size of Obama's health care bill. If you're a mom, you can picture it now, and you probably have the shivers just reading this. But no worries, sand and sea await me!

Where my husband is from, in south-eastern Michigan, nearly everyone goes "up north" for a vacation. While the northern part of Michigan is lovely (and I was actually born there), this warm-loving lady never quite embraced the idea of actually choosing to travel closer to the north pole when you are already in the state of Michigan.

Here in Virginia, everyone goes "to the beach" for a vacation. This qualifies as anywhere along the east coast, but we choose to point our vehicle in a southern direction....much more my speed.

And as long as we have wi-fi at the beach house we've rented, the plan is to continue the tradition of posting a photo a day while we're there.

But enough of stalling the inevitable, I have a list!

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