Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{d8 night} Summer Dinner on the Veranda

Okay, so, it's technically a balcony. But "Summer Dinner on the Veranda" sounds much more romantic than "on the Balcony". It's enough to almost make you forget that you're overlooking a condo parking lot.

Let's take a step back to why I even chose this theme. There are a few things in life that I don't enjoy, but genuinely wish I knew how to appreciate:
Camping....hmmm, maybe not camping.

And there are certain things in life that my husband has taught me to enjoy:
Spending money on good food.
Savoring cheese.
The sky right before sunset.

It's that last one that inspired this month's Dinner at Eight theme. I strung garden lights on the balcony veranda, cleared off the bikes, and set up dinner for two so that we could munch on summer food while watching the sky do it's thing during sunset. The menu was chili garlic corn, prosciutto and date sandwiches, fresh limeade, rosemary sweet potato fries, and personal peach cobblers. We had a lovely dinner with even better conversation and finished the night with a game of checkers. Because somehow in my mind, you're supposed to play checkers on a veranda. (I must mention that yours truly delivered a royal checkers spanking to the cute guy.)



And the sky was pink and blue.


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