Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{d8 night} October & November

Playing catch-up on Dinner at Eight posts over here...

October's d8 night was a picnic under what I was hoping would be the stars but ended up being the clouds. Still the candle-lit picnic of stew, lemon biscuits, and hot chocolate, was every bit as snuggly and dreamy as I had hoped. We spent a long time just laying on our backs, looking up at the sky, and analyzing life.


November's d8 night was my least imaginative yet; but if you had been around to see our November, you would have forgiven me in the same understanding way my husband did. Simple and sweet, it was an indoor picnic with some taco soup and popcorn in front of a roaring fire. And better yet, it was a needed opportunity to just sit and talk.

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