Monday, March 19, 2012

Remember This {doing their hair}

I'm still trying to use my camera to capture the moments I want to remember and trying to use my Bible for some truth during the moments I'd rather forget.

For today's post, I want to remember these days that my girls are little enough to let me act out all of my pent-up, inner girliness on their hair. I know the day will come when they'll have strong hair style opinions, and I'll be left secretly cringing as they walk out of the house. There was certainly more than one outing that my mother had to be seen with a poofy-bangs mess of a daughter. (Though, after having her beauty advice ignored, she does get the last laugh since I have to endure the long-standing punishment of having my hair choices immortalized in the family photo album.)

But for now, I get to treat my girls like my old Barbies with their manes subject to the whims of my hair desires.




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