Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Series {my life right now}

If I thought my life was full up until now, it wasn't.

This past month has redefined the word "busy" in my life. And while I'm not a fan of having this much on my plate, I'm resting in the fact that God has me where He wants me and that this is a season. But for right now, in the midst of a season that involves homeschooling, teaching a photography class, lots of fall photo sessions, an adoption paper chase, and a house with bare walls and unpacked boxes all on top of the usual day to day priorities, I'm trying to cut out any unnecessary time constraints. And this dear blog has fallen into that category. However, I thought that instead of fully abandoning any form of documenting our lives right now, I'd just start a new series that will keep any posting short and sweet. I'll call it "My Life Right Now" (you can fault my sleep-deprived brain for lack of creative naming), and almost all postings for the next 6-8 weeks will simply consist of photos documenting what up in the Sieb household. So my somewhat lame writing skills will have to be put on the shelf for right now, and I'll let the camera do the talking.

Ready, set...go.

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  1. I love this idea!! I feel your pain and think this is a GREAT way to take one thing off your plate without sacrificing documenting your life and your family. :)


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