Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Ready for some great Christmas gift ideas? Better yet, ready for some great Christmas gift ideas where the money you spend goes towards empowering women in Africa and India to raise money for their families through a sustainable business?

I thought so.

Here we go; you'll find items on this list for all budgets. Just click the title link for any gift to take you to the spot to shop.

For a Hostess Gift:

Noonday Tea Towels

Fiesta Journal
Fiesta Journal

For Your Girlfriends/Sister/Mom:

Bone Carved Earrings  (I'm absolutely drooling over these!)

Woven Voyage Clutch
Woven Voyage Natural Clutch Front

Paper Bead Earrings
Blue / Turquoise Paper Bead Earrings - Click Image to Close

White Arrow Clutch

Ruth Necklace (Wouldn't this just make any simple shirt spectacular!)

Paper Bead Spiral Bracelet
Light Blue Paper Bead Spiral Bracelet - Click Image to Close

Shibori Hobo Purse

Carved Jade Bracelet

Mary Sunshine Apron

Crescent Moon Earrings

Seble Scarf (Be still, my beating heart.)

For the Man in Your Life:

Genet scarf

Don't be thrown off by the female model in the link. I bought one for my brother and he looked super studly. Even Jimmy Fallon rocked this scarf:

Fikire Leather iPad Cover

Kalkidan Leather Wallet:

You can find lots of other gorgeous items in the stores of the links I've included in this post. Think of how fun it would be to tell the recipient that their gift was made in Africa or India!

And, wives, you may just need to accidentally, on-purpose make sure this list ends up in your husband's inbox.

Happy Shopping!

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