Saturday, April 28, 2007


We'll start with rehearsal pictures. I can't promise when I'll have wedding pictures up because I don't have them all yet. The lights in our church are not conducive to taking pictures with less than a professional grade camera; so I take no responsibility for the lighting of these photos. Also, there are no pictures of the kids coming down the aisle because it's just too hard to get a good photo when one of the ring bearers (Elijah) is running down the aisle.
The bride and mother of the bride:

Giving Papa kisses:

Getting started on the rehearsal:

The groomsmen waiting in the wings:

Rehearsing the processional:

Practicing getting married:

Rehearsing the recessional:

"Mom, this is a beautiful necklace; may I eat it?":

The boys using the pulpit to occupy themselves:

Rehearsals can be exhausting!:

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