Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Thief

We had a full, fun weekend from which I'll be sharing photos at a later date. I'm still trying to sift through literally hundreds of photos from the rehearsal and big day.
During this weekend, a dear friend of mine, Julie, came to stay with us so that she and her family could attend Christine's wedding. Julie and I have been friends since we were four years old. Our friendship has weathered fights over paper dolls, a couple of moves, the teenage years, married life, and having our own children. Our kids think that they are cousins and were absolutely thrilled to spend a couple days together. I wish I could have tape recorded some conversations between her oldest, Ali, and my Isaiah. Before they left, we had to get a picture of the six kids that we now have between the two of us. I was reminded again just how hard group kid pictures are to photograph. But after repositioning crawling babies, dealing with a some tears, and lots of "look at Mommy!"; we got a decent one.

Just before posting this, I went onto my camera to get the pictures and found photos on my camera that I'd never seen. They were dated 6:47 this morning.
This is one of the underneath side of the top bunk...my suspicious begin about who the culprit might be...

This is an ear and arm of the mystery photographer:

Ah-ha, I only know one three-year-old who has these Lighting McQueen pajamas.

I think I have a son to confront. Secretly, I'm looking forward to his shock at how I knew that he swiped my camera...


  1. I guess we shouldn't have taught him how to use a camera. Oops...

  2. Oh this is tooooo funny! - Caroline


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