Saturday, October 6, 2007

Daddy & Disgusting Delicacies

The other day, while the kids and I were at my parent's, I was talking to my mom as Adriana sat next to me. At one point in the conversation I said to my mom, "You know who that reminds me of? Steven!" To which Adriana turned to me and said, "Da-da?" I didn't know she could recognized her daddy's name already.

Later that day, I was driving Elijah to his haircut. Here was the conversation was had:
"Mom, I need a Kleenex."
"Elijah, honey, Mommy's driving and you're too far back in the van for me to get one to you."
"Mom, I really need one."
"Why, Elijah?"
"Cause I've got a booger on my finger."
"I'm sorry; you're going to have to wait until we get there."
"Can I eat?"
Five seconds later I glance in my rear view mirror to see my son's mouth chomping on something.
"Ewww! Elijah!"
Then I hear a spitting noise.
"It's okay, Mom; I spit it out."
Motherhood is disgusting.

To leave you on a non-booger note, I was excited yesterday to have the opportunity to take my sister Hannah's senior portraits. I still have lots of work to do processing all the photos, but here's a fun one that really had nothing do with the rest.
Have a restful Sunday...

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  1. This is hilarious. Just the other day, I called out, "AJ! Honey?!" and Elaina my little echo goes, "AJ!!!" lol... Pls tell Hannah she has picture-perfect feet :) -C


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