Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Adriana's favorite word these days is "A-pple" (the pitch of the voice rises on the last part of the word).
The other day after she had finished her lunch she asked me, "A-pple? A-pple? A-pple?"
"No, Adriana, no apple right now."
"A-pple. A-pple. A-pple," she said in an I'm-too-cute-to refuse voice.
"No, you've finished your lunch. You can have one for snack-time."
Realizing that I was a lost cause, she turned to her Aunt Hannah and implored, "I nee a-pple."

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  1. And of course, Aunt Nanny said, "Alyssa, can't I PLEASE give her an apple?..."


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