Monday, April 14, 2008

Humor Courtesy of Isaiah

Isaiah was very intrigued when he found out that his Great-Great-Great Grandpa, whose photo is hanging in our hallway, was a veteran of the Civil War. One morning he randomly began this conversation...

Isaiah: "Did Great-Great-Great Grandpa die in the Civil War?"
Mom: "No, he didn't die in the war."
Isaiah: "So is he still fighting in the Civil War?"
Mom: "No, the Civil War happened a long time ago and your Great-Great-Great Grandpa died a long time ago, too."
Isaiah: "Well, then I miss him."

Here's another morning discussion:
Isaiah: "Mom, I think you should have a baby boy."
Mom: "If I had a baby, I think it would be nice to have a girl so that Adriana has a sister."
Isaiah: "Well, I'm going to be praying for a baby boy."
Mom: "Well, I'm praying for a baby girl."
Isaiah: "How about this? You pray for a girl; I'll pray for a boy; and we'll let God think about it."

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