Friday, April 18, 2008

Tattoos & Zoos

Wednesday was our playgroup's fourth annual zoo trip. The boys were as excited as always, but it was Adriana who was especially fun to watch. Since she had no recollection of ever being there before and because of her love of animals, she took it all in with a great amount of wonder. At the turtle exhibit, where there were about forty completely adorable baby turtles, little ducklings were swimming in the water almost close enough to touch. After reading over and over that ducks say "quack", I loved Adriana's wide eyes as she herself heard the ducklings quack. You'll have to forgive my lack of photos, but carting three little people around a hilly zoo without the prescence of Daddy is about a much as one lady can handle. Here are the two somewhat pathetic ones I managed.

Around our house, Monday evening are called "Three Men and a Little Lady Night". It's my chance to go grocery shopping and run errands all by myself. During a recent one, Daddy was giving Adriana a bath and came out to find that boys had hatched a plan to give themselves their own tattoos. It was one of the moments where prior to discussing the infraction of house rules, a camera was necessary. Since it was Daddy's first time with the Nikon d80, I thought it was only fair that he get his very own watermark.
My favorite part is the "♥ Isaiah" on Elijah's arm.

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