Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays!

We spent a long, fun weekend at my parents house celebrating the birthdays of Adriana, my mom, and Uncle Sam. We visited a couple of pools, ate a lot of cake, played our share of games, and even went to see the movie "Wall-E". All three of the kids were especially thrilled by the store-bought fireworks their Papa got, and Adriana had her first go at sparklers.
The highlight for me from the weekend, was my little sweetie turning two. After experiencing so many birthdays, she was thrilled that her own had arrived. I made her a butterfly cake...pink of course. She was the queen of the day and she knew it!

Trying to get those candles out:

Getting some help from Daddy:

Brothers reading her their handmade cards:

Opening the you-know-what:

To my delight, she LOVED her new, little kitchen and has been cooking up imaginary goodies for the past few days. As I write this, she is in her room baking a cake and singing "Happy Burt-day To You!

"Washing her hands" before going to town in the kitchen:

Adriana can now tell you that she is "two"; and, while at the pool, she informed my sister that she didn't need help, "Because I'm a big boy!"


  1. ok, comment on last picture: is that a HOT PINK communion cup I spy in the background? Sort of scandalous, don't you think? Seriously though, LOVE (covet, want, need, drooling over) the pink kitchen set. Super cute. And A. LOOKS like a 2 year old now! She looks girly not babyish now!!! :( Bittersweet, huh?! Elaina tells people she's "phree..." (3) and holds up all 5 fingers. I've got a lot of work ahead of me homeschooling :). I've missed you flickring, but I love your new newborn shots :) Can you believe that one of your next sessions will be your sister?! So excited!!! You need to get on facebook, girl. It is SO much easier to keep in touch w/ people b/c you don't find yourself with a bunch of emails piling up anymore ... facebook correspondence is short and sweet and all in the same place. It saves SO MUCH TIME! No peer pressure or anything though :) Give your parents hugs from us. Love, C

  2. you are SOOOOO naughty! how could you?! better check out our xanga site, you thief! love, the siegmanns, FEEDBACK 741!


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