Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yittle Boo-Boos

You know that awkward moment right after you meet someone, where you rack your brain, thinking of something intelligent to say? Well at the ripe age of two, Adriana has already figured out how to break the ice with strangers. It goes something like this, "Hi, hi! I have a boo-boo!" She'll then proceed to pull up her shorts and show them her so-slight-you-can-hardly-see-it-anymore knee scab. She does this constantly. If a stranger is walking by our place, she'll shout from the balcony, "HI! YOOK AT MY BOO-BOO!" (All "L" are pronounced with the sound of "Y" in her vocabulary.) If some teenage boy at church happens to politely give a quick "hi" as he passes, she'll chase him down to show off her knees (bad habits we can hopefully break before the teenage years).
She often sees her brothers receive gum, but knows she's not old enough to have some yet. So she reminds me at random moments, "I'm too yittle for gum." Today, in an attempt to get a shower for myself, I asked her if she wanted to take her stuffed doggie to the couch to watch a television show. She's not too interested in TV and would much rather follow me around; so her smooth response was, "Um, no, doggie's too yittle."

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