Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Chef

After receiving mini pots and pans and a whole chef's get-up from her grandparents, Adriana has been enjoying her kitchen more then ever. She scurries around acting like she's in a rush to get dinner on the table (monkey see, monkey do!), then brings me "coffee" in a polka dotted tea cup. I also had no idea that you could make cookies in a metal pot, but she's teaching me how.


  1. alyssa, these are MAGICAL!!! what fantastic light you had ... isn't it fun having a little shadow in the kitchen? hugs to the siebs. (oh, and ps: 'member how your CS2 was stolen? you would not BELIEVE my CS3 drama. let's just say we're $400 poorer for it. lol.... who wrangled (inspired) me into this photography thing anyway?! :) Sheesh, between that and accidentally pitching a lens, I think I'm IN THE HOLE for taking on this hobby! lol...

  2. these are just precious!


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