Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Have HOW Many Kids?!

So here I am blogging on a Sunday morning. I'm sitting home while the rest of my family (minus Ava) is at church right now. Don't worry, this morning I listened to a John Piper message on justification so that I can continue earning my way to heaven. Joking...

So why have I been blogging so much? Maybe it's to share all the beautiful tininess around me. Maybe it's because I have so much extra energy from actually keeping my food in my stomach this week. Maybe it's to feel normal while I'm using monster size pads and wetting the bed with leaky breast milk. Maybe it's because my other three children have been gone all week. Ding, ding, ding!!!

The life of just one child that I've been living all week is coming to an end in T minus 30 minutes when my husband arrives home from church with our other three kids. Because I have four kids. I. Have. FOUR. Kids!!!!

When the kids visited Thursday, we had lots of fun until the end when my husband had to leave the house to help a neighbor, someone showed up to visit, I had to keep one eye on how my 6 and 7 year old were holding the baby, my 3 year old was throwing a fit, my 7 year old shot the visitor in the face with his new nerf bazooka, my 3 year old was flailing herself against my oh-so-tender chest, and I was smiling the fakest (not even a word) smile a mother of four could smile at my guest. I practically ran crying to my own mommy when she showed up to rescue us. As my dear children exited the house to go back to Grammy's, it really hit me. I. Have. Four. KIDS!!

Wasn't I just a teenager yesterday stuffing a pillow under my belly under my shirt (yes, I did) and dreaming of the day? Now it's here. Times four. I'm still cool right? Is the word "cool" even used any more? I still put on my Nine West sunglasses to drive my white minivan. I will still don my embellished JCrew shirt that just so happens to have a spit-up stains on it as I go to my son's soccer. I still plan on wearing perfume to douse the sent of fermented breast milk. I'

This video proves that it can be done:

In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to the grace that God will give me to invest in four of the most precious gifts I could imagine. I anticipate continuing to teach them of the best news in the world: that Christ has given us a hope and has rescued us from our sins.

My FOUR kids will be together soon; and in all my un-coolness, I can't wait!

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