Friday, May 21, 2010


The baby clothes are washed, the swing and cradle put together, and the stroller cleaned. Now we are all
not so
patiently waiting for the arrival of our little girl.

Wednesday afternoon I began to have good, strong contractions that were coming every 5-10 minutes apart. I remained skeptical, but everyone was getting excited. Sure enough, they died out a few hours later which I've been told by my midwife is a common occurrence the more babies you have. I felt bad for the kids (with some pity mixed in for myself), who were thrilled at the idea that their sister might come early. The boys were especially sweet while I was in pain; and during those hours they made me a banner. Later, I took a photo of it which unfortunately is not too clear. It says "We ar all sarey you ar having contracshins!"

Since Wednesday, we've gotten back to some version of normal; though everyone is a bit more on the edge of their seats. The kids have been trying to coax the baby out with pep talks to my belly.

"Come on out! We really want to see you!!"

I've been trying to coax her out with my own pep talks...

"Get out! Get out! Get OUT!!"

I came across the boy's old Winnie-the-Pooh mobile as I was going through the baby boxes in the attic. Since I'm OCD about things matching the decor in my home, I wasn't about to put the primary color mobile in the girl's pink and white room. Still, I had mommy-guilt over depriving my little one of something to look at over her crib. Then one day it hit me. A mobile could be chic! Since I'm about as good at sewing as I am at resisting chocolate at the end of my pregnancy, I coaxed my sister into making my design a mobile-licious reality. And check out what a fabulous job she did...

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