Monday, December 6, 2010

Bulls, Band-aids, & Ava, too

A friend of ours has been taking a child development class and has used Adriana for some of her homework assignments.  I'm imagining the things her professor must be wondering about our family! During one of their times together she asked Adriana to make up a story. Later, she emailed me the original composition.

Little House on the Prairie 
as told by Adriana (note to self: explain plagiarism to four year old)

Once there was a little girl.
She walked down a little river and saw kittens.
She made a nest for birds.
When she walked down she had a dog and kittens.
They ran and played and walked down the river.
They saw a moose, cats, and bulls. They thought
they were going to run into them and the bull ran
into them. They crashed on the ground and had to
get a band-aid. Then the bull was nice; the bull had
to get a band-aid, too.
The End

And now we'll hear from the youngest Miss Sieb...

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