Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dude, Where's My Card?

If you're a local friend who usually gets a Christmas card from us, take this post as an apology/confession of stupidity.

You were supposed to get a card. It looked exactly as I had hoped...linen paper finish and all. *sigh*  But your card, at this point, is lost in a cosmic black hole called the postal system. Here's the story...

It started Saturday night as Steven and I fell into bed after a full day. I remember one of us suggesting (probably me) that we not set the alarm and just get up when the kids wake us up. While the little sirens may be going off right now in your head, our tired little heads heard nothing.  With four kids, we're usually bound to be awaken early by at least one of them.

Sunday morning arrived with me rolling over and seeing the numbers 8:02 on my alarm clock. A strange feeling of restfulness mixed with horror, popped my bed head off of the pillow. Now since Ava's birth, it's not an uncommon sight to see the Sieb van pulling out on a Sunday morning with me applying my make-up right there in the car.  That's how bad it already is. So you can imagine us rushing around to get everyone their Christmas best. Chaos ensued.  In the midst of all of this, the "hand to neighbors and friends" pile of Christmas cards was put with the "mail to out of town loved ones" pile.  And, of course, a rushed stop at the mailbox with mascara in hand didn't catch the misplaced cards.

After a top to bottom search of the house that night, we realized what had happen.  The problem was that those cards had only names on return address.  I made a desperate call to the local post office the next morning.  Maybe it was my imagination, but the postal worker seemed to holding back a snorting chuckle because who does that with a stack of cards?! Ooh, ooh, ME!  PICK ME!! And we still have yet to retrieve our little lost cards.

So here is your lame blogged Christmas card...with just as much love attached to it. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. We love it just the same! Very nice! I just put mine in the mail today, since I didn't even have them ready to go yet on Sunday. So you should receive a nice after Christmas card! Hope you all have a Fabulous day!



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