Monday, February 28, 2011

Katie's Birthday

As you probably already know, I'm the oldest of seven children. With the last couple of kids, I had multiple occasions where people thought that I was their mother. Once, I went to a maternity store to help my mom pick out a few new items with one of her last pregnancies; and one of the employees wanted to know when I, in all my teenage glory, was due. My oldest is actually only 5 years apart in age from my youngest brother.

On Friday, my youngest sister turned 16. We headed out to my parents for the day to celebrate the birthday of the once little girl whom strangers used to assure me looked so much like her "mother".

The kids took advantage of the beautiful weather...

My mom pulled her walker out for Ava awhile ago. However my 2 year old nephew has officially claimed it for his own...

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  1. Your mother's walker? Carter could never push that big contraption around. I think you meant the baby walker.
    (JK Dawny :)


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