Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mommy Therapy

A couple of weeks ago we pulled out our home videos; and as a family, we entertained ourselves by watching ourselves. If you had been listening in, you would have heard an array of the following statements:

"Awww, I was such a cute baby!"

"Were we really that young when we got married?"

"Why am I not born yet?"

"Stop cringing at your decorating skills and enjoy the video." (hubby to me!)

The video reminiscing started as a fun idea but morphed into something much more. It became Mommy Therapy. I needed to snuggle on the couch with my sometimes-awkward 8 year old and watch his first adorable steps. In the midst of my busy season, I needed to go back, remember the special moments, see the cherub baby faces, and ask myself if I'm enjoying it enough.

I'm going to take the next few posts to document what each of my children are up to at their own unique stages. One day, maybe Mommy Therapy will come in the form of reading over my blog. In the meantime, I'm headed outside to enjoy my kids...just the way they are in this moment in time.


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