Monday, March 14, 2011

Adriana {4 1/2 years}

Since my first girlie keeps to a level of chattiness that my mother calls "paybacks", I thought I'd let Adriana personally update you on her life. So on Thursday, we sat down over a cup of tea as I interviewed her...

How's your tea?
Hot and good!
What's your favorite kind of food?
Gum and hot chocolate.
(Turning to the boys) We've got to chat, you need to go.
What did you do today?
I went to co-op [and did] preschool. 
What do you learn in preschool?
I learn letters and learn self control. Well, not at preschool. I learn about it here.
Do you need self-control?
Yes, cause sometimes we get crazy.
That's true. What is your favorite activity during the day?
I like activity like when you [Momma] paint my toes. [I like to play] house with my babies.
When do you turn five?
July 3rd. I'm going to have a Nemo cake with Cinderella. And I'm going to have shoes on [the cake] with my Barbies.
That will be quite a cake! What do you want to learn to do when your five?
Quack like a duck. (giggles) Write and read.
So you're a big sister this year. What do you like about being a big sister?
I like playing house with her and with you, too. I like when Ava wiggles. [I'm a] big kid.
So you're a big kid now; how does that feel?
You played soccer last fall. How did you like that?
I liked when they gave snacks.
Thanks for letting me talk to you.

My dear girl can act a "bit" high-maintenance at times. We're still trying to teach her that a bump-into by one of her brothers does not warrant a high-pitched shriek. Today I caught her (not for the first time) using Kleenex instead of toilet paper to wipe her little bum.
"Can you please tell Mommy why you keep using Kleenex?"
"It's softer."
I refuse to house a diva. We're switching to leaves.



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