Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dossier

This, my friends, is a completed dossier...

 photo dossier_zpsa6ffb9c5.jpg

The dossier, or in laymen's terms: a packet to Ethiopia with all the required documents for requesting an orphan, is only a fraction of the paperwork (save a child, kill a tree). But it's a very important fraction and signifies the end of the initial "paper pregnancy" and the beginning of the wait for the referral. We're told with all the red tape a referral will take 24-30 months; so right now we'll just rejoice in the little victories!

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  1. Hurray!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is such a huge step and I know that there is a huge sense of relief when these documents are all FINALLY ready to send off to Ethiopia!!!!! So happy for you!


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