Friday, June 14, 2013

Birthday Season

Summer means birthday season for the Sieb fam. Birthdays in May, June, July, and August, oh my. This means our little one coming had better be born in April or September.

Here are some photos from Ava's and Isaiah's birthdays. They turned 3 and 11 respectively ("2 more years until I'm a teenager, Mom." Dear. Lord.)

 photo avasbday-1copy_zpsff8700f8.jpg

Classic Ava face...
 photo avasbday-2copy_zps500e0574.jpg

Plotting how to swipe some icing...
 photo avabday_zpsf55b2f88.jpg

 photo avabday1_zps8f5d4508.jpg

 photo isaiahbday-2copy_zps69077f86.jpg

Both birthdays had my grandma (called simply "Great" by my kiddos) as the special guest...
 photo blogtemplate2copy-2_zps325b91c7.jpg

Next week I'll share how we worked around our allergies to make yummy birthday cake.

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