Friday, February 28, 2014

A Peek Into Our Home {craft/office room}

As I stated in my last Peek Into Our Home post, I simply never remember to take the "before" picture. This is truly sad since if I ever needed a before photo to show off some drama, it was for this room. "Mommy's Craft/Office" room became the junk room over the last 20 months of us living in this house. It was a full-on "catch all" with very little rhyme or reason. When I would get a photography order, I would go into this cesspool and dig out what I needed. When I would get ready for a photo session, it was like a game of find-the-needle-in-the-haystack. Each time I would promise this room that it had it's day coming.

January. That was month I had designated as D-Day for the for the office. So on January 2nd, before school started back up, I drug all four kids down to Ikea by myself. When we made it through the maze and to the check-out aisle, I couldn't help but to blurt out loud, "I feel like Super Woman right now!!" THIS is why they give you the option of buying frozen yogurt cones after you check out- a station that should be renamed "Reward Central".

So here's Mommy's new space. It's in the basement, so you'll have to forgive the lighting.

The pine shelving, white tables, and rug are all from Ikea. (And yes, that is my wedding dress.)
 photo after13of26_zps142d3320.jpg

 photo after14of26_zps2ccbf0f5.jpg

Those large baskets to hold all my newborn photo props were only $6 at Ikea...lovin' it.
 photo after16of26_zps1f391157.jpg

These drawers were from my dear friend Emma who is about to move to Japan (sob!). I used some chalkboard paint to make labels for each drawer.
 photo after18of26_zps6817fc01.jpg

The chalkboard is actually an old baking sheet that I sprayed with chalkboard paint- easy, peasey.
 photo after19of26_zps3d71b233.jpg

Aren't those old graph papers divine!?! I grabbed them at a vintage shop in Oregon for 50 cents a piece! (Remind me why I don't live in Oregon, again?)
 photo after22of26_zpsabd47bee.jpg

Storage boxes from Ikea...
 photo after24of26_zps823e4168.jpg

These fun spheres were simple to make out of embroidery hoops. You can find the tutorial at Hill Country Homebody.
 photo after21of26_zps1294e7ae.jpg

The magnetic strip was from Ikea and the shelf is simply and old crate attached on its side to the wall.
 photo after23of26_zpsd90646d6.jpg

And can I just tell you the glories of walking into a room to do a quick job and knowing where everything can be found! Or sitting down for a longer job and leaving the unfinished product to come back later! After years of living in small spaces, I know what a luxury this is.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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