Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Christmas Picture

Getting a picture of a group of kids is about as easy as flossing with a table knife. Just as an example, during our last trip to Michigan, we were at Steven's grandmother's house for Thanksgiving. At the end of the day, some of us brilliant adults decided to get our dog-tired kids together and take a great grandkid group photo. Here is a sampling of what ensued:

Well, one of my yearly duties as a mother is to get that super important Sieb Kids Christmas picture. You know what I'm talking about- the one you stick in the family album as the end-of-the-year picture, the one you send to your Great Aunt Mabel who hasn't seen the kids since the last Christmas picture. But the thing that amazes me each year is how difficult it is to gather my kids (not exactly a large group) and get just one sweet, angelic, everyone-looking-at-the-camera-and-no-one-with-their-finger-up-their-nose picture.

The other morning, I decided that today was the today. I started trying to get everyone dressed up and looking their cutest... a lot easier said than done.

"Mom, why do we have to wear our nice outfits?"
"Why can't I wear an undershirt!?!"
"I don't want you to spray water on my hair!"
"But I got to wear an undershirt at Thanksgiving!"
"WAAAAAHHH!" (interpretation: "I don't like it when you put a barrette in my hair!!")
"But why can't I wear an undershirt?!"
"I need help putting my pants on..."
"I don't care if it will only be for 15 minutes. I NEEEEED an undershirt!"

Finally we got everyone to the place in the house that had been determined to be the 2006 Christmas picture spot. The noise continued, this time from mom...

"No, no, honey, don't go up the stairs."
"Adriana, look at Momma."
"No, no, sit next to your sister."
"Adriana, look at Momma."
"Isaiah, hold Adriana tight."
"No, not that tight."
"Adriana, look at Momma."
"Elijah, don't check to see if your sister is looking at the camera. You look at the camera."
"I can't take a picture when your moving."
"No, a nice smile."

Fifty shots later, I think I finally have keeper. And, yes, they all look angelic.

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