Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Espresso for the One-Year-Old

As I finished doing some cleaning in the kitchen tonight, Adriana sat at my feet playing. Not thinking, I forget to lock the cabinet and knelt down to scrub something off the floor. When I turned around, I found my daughter munching on the coffee grounds that I had just thrown in the trash can. Lovely- a caffeinated one-year-old whose bedtime was just a half hour away!

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  1. I'm going to die of envy if you did these with anything other than a dSLR. What kind of camera do you have? The redhead photo is sooooo good! As are the baby barista pics :) If you ever want a west coast girls weekend away, let me know! maybe the boys could have some QT together while you and A flew out for a few. We have a freq flyer ticket we'd be happy to use for you too :) It'd be fun to get the girls together, since, after all, we were already fast friends by their age. I'd offer to fly Elijah out here too but I'm afraid we can't afford his appetite. lol... - C


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