Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pridefully Photogenic

I enjoy photography. As a photographer, I'm a novice but a learning novice. Motherhood brings out some degree of photography in anyone. And, of course like any mother, my favorite subject for my photographs is my children. My kids have each learned of Mom's love of the camera; Adriana knew how to pose before she knew how to crawl. Elijah can give you the cheesiest smile you've ever seen. But Isaiah is the most confident in front of the camera. The other day he approached my sister, Hannah (the other person who's obsessed with taking pictures of my children).
"You should come get a picture of me with this ball," he told her.
Then he took her into the back yard and posed.

So there you go- the exciting photo of my son and his ball. And I have no idea where he learned to ham it up like that...


  1. Ha, ha ... that's funny. I was JUST thinking about this the other day ... I used to be WAY too shy/insecure and not wanting to draw attention to myself about taking pictures before. I DREADED the thought of snapping off with a camera (besides flowers, of course - which never object or wonder why you're trying to "capture the moment"). Then I had offspring. :) And before long, a 256mb memory card wasn't big enough! Isn't it CRAZY how we live in constant desire to preserve every little expression and precious little moment they have?! You're right ... it's a total mom-thing. I'm not allowed to buy baby clothes anymore. lol... I'm on an indefinite spending moratorium :) AJ cut me off. :) Now, when I beg/plead/whine to do so, he has started telling me that I need a new hobby (i.e. less expensive pasttime than browsing online boutiques for deals). Now, his response is "Go scrapbook. Or read your bible. Or better yet, SELL some clothes!" lol... Ooops. I think I overwore my welcome. So now it's selling season, and I'm about to part with the Set the Table dress (which I managed to get pics of her in with the tags still attached ... yippee!) Anyway, that should bring in a couple of hundred bucks alone (I hope) and hopefully will also earn me some favor in the eyes of my breadwinner :) lol... most likely not. She's well outfitted through 3T, so it's probably time to find a new hobby. Anyway, I LOVE your photos! Especially the one that is your background right now. Are you guys getting the itch for more (little ones) soon? I thought for sure I'd be SO ready to have another by now, but not so. We would welcome a huge family, and would love to have at least four ... I just never dreamed I could be this content with one. Not that she'll be the only one. It's just that I'm going to be so sad to have to divide more of my time away from AJ and E. Is this normal? She's just so low-maintenance, that AJ and I can still feel like newlyweds and enjoy dates and being together without it feeling like kids are begging for our attention. I think I'm scared that two will mean less of each other time. Anyway, just a question for a supermom of 3! We've started talking about boy names, and I LOVE Isaiah ... we're not taking it, don't worry :) But it's really such a neat name. And Isaiah is my favorite book, and Isaiah 51:3 is one of my favorite scriptures. Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on an excellent name choice! (and a kid with QUITE a personality! lol...) How are the other newlyweds doing? Did they get to take a honeymoon? Gotta run, C

  2. Oh, really? No idea at all?
    Give me a few seconds ... I might be able to come up with a suspect or two ... :-)


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