Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I enjoy taking my own portraits of my kids. You could call it a hobby, a money saver, or just an excuse to need a nice camera. After over 300 shots of trial and error, here are the photographs that made the finals for my sweet girl's first year portraits.

Our Ana is getting to be more of a toddler every day even though she's still holding out on us with the walking thing. She keeps adding more and more words to her vocabulary and will tell us where her eyes, nose, and mouth are. Monkeys are now one of her favorite animals; and whenever she sees a picture of one she says, "Ooh-ooh. Aah-aah." She also loves going places. When anyone leaves the house without her, she starts crying, "Ana!" as if to remind us that we should be taking her along.


  1. So pretty! My favorite is the b & w oen of her leaning on the chair. She is looking so much older!

  2. I've got to meet the mother of that adorable girl. She's gotta be HOT!

  3. wow wow wow! you have some mad photo skills, girl! that third photo down is just about the most precious photo I've EVER seen. Um, just one more reasons I wish we were neighbors... I would SO much rather pay YOU to take kiddie portraits! You should TOTALLY consider doing this! (i'd help with your website if you want :) Anyway, LOVE this photos. They are LITERALLY breathtaking! She just has the most precious blue eyes and you can tell, such a sweet, gentle spirit. Are you selling your "in bloom" dress next spring? I have the clogs, rainboots, raincoat, shirt, capris, oxford, dress, and hat, and Elaina looks SO BAD in yellow! lol... I thought it was just the cutest line ever, but redheads don't look great in yellow. So if you want any of it to wear with her dress, let me know! It's all getting sold next spring. Your elephant story is hilarious. I've been meaning to email you about that ... I know, I'm miss anti-forward too (when it comes to email) and I've had my share of broken chain letters too (oops, I always never get around to those ... let see, I broke the sticker chain letter, the underwear chain letter, etc...) BUT my friend Amy is the most OCD person ever, and all of her quirks are hilarious, so I had to keep on this one after getting tagged by her. Ok, must run. I officially let the house go while working on my bug project :) I need a commercial grade sanitizer to get these dishes done I think! - C

  4. Those pictures of Adriana are just too cute! You take such good pictures!


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