Sunday, November 4, 2007

Harvest Carnival

Every year on Halloween, our church does a great job of transforming two levels of their building into a carnival. There are about 20 different games, a moon bounce, an enormous blow-up slide, judges awarding prizes for the best costumes, and lots of candy. My boys get so excited about the event and about dressing up. This year Grandpa and Grandma Sieb gave the boys some exciting costumes to wear. They were James and Thomas the tank engines- two favorite characters at our house. Adriana received an adorable bunny outfit and was quite pleased when she saw herself in the mirror.

Now the costumes are in our "dress-up" basket to be enjoyed for many a cold afternoon. The candy sits in a grocery bag in our cupboard, and I've set two important ground rules to prevent past problems.
1.Only one piece per boy after lunch and dinner.
2.Mommy is not allowed to steal any of it.

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