Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Christmastime Was Here"

The girl's Christmas shoes:
This Christmas we especially had fun with how excited the kids were about everything. The boys had been anticipating the big day for awhile. On Christmas Eve afternoon, Isaiah asked Elijah to come play something; to which Elijah responded, "I think I'll just wait here for stockings."Adriana really got into opening presents and would squeal with joy.
The boys favorite gift were toy guns (given by their uncles and completely unsanctioned by Mommy) that made loud shooting noises. They also got some more pretend tools including safety glasses.
(He's going to kill me for that photo one day.)
Adriana got many girlie gifts. She's been wearing her tutu and princess jewelry all over the house,
using her baby bottles to keep her stuffed tiger hydrated,
and giving her brother's miniature army men rides in her new baby stroller.
My hubby blew me away with wonderful photography gifts, one of which was a new lens I was trying not to covet. I made him be my first photo subject with it.

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