Thursday, December 6, 2007


One of the many things I love about Virginia is that it holds out on winter as long as possible. Taking a walk in 70 degree weather the day before Thanksgiving puts a smile on my face. But winter has finally arrived; and at my house, everyone but me is excited about it. Before you judge me on my lack of winter spirit, try adding 20 minutes of bundling children before any of your outings...
Yesterday morning to my boys delight, we awoke to an entire 1/2 inch of snow (a big deal around here). Of course playing in it, and the mud that lies below it, was absolutely necessary. After almost an hour of blowing up inflatable sleds, making sure everyone had used the potty, layering my children, and using every ounce of muscle power to put on boots that a manufacturer never actually checked to see if a foot could enter into, my boys were ready.

Cleaning off the van for Momma:

As a watched my boys giggling, sledding, and making 4 inch snowmen, it was all worth the effort. And when we awoke to another 1/2 inch of snow this morning, I found myself excited.

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