Monday, December 3, 2007

Let Me Quote You On That

I'm breaking from the park photos to share a couple recent quotes before I forget them...
Adriana held a book and led me by the hand to the spot where we usually read. She asked me, "Ah you weady?"
Elijah was driving with me to go get our haircuts. Out of the blue he told me, "I hope I'm good while I get my haircut."
Isaiah reminded me this morning of how he been naughty and gotten into the cookie sprinkles container.
"You might wanna' put those someplace where I can't them," he suggested.
"I think you should just obey me and not touch them again," I respond.
He thought for second, "Hmmm...good point."
This morning Elijah was throwing a fit, and I sent him to his bed until he calmed down. Adriana was very intrigued by the situation.
She came to me and said, "Waah-waah...Jijah!"
She went and pointed her finger at Elijah, emphatically demanding, "No cry!"

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