Monday, January 14, 2008

Wintertime Activity

This post is for all my fellow mommies. Summertime makes the grass green, the sun bright, the water warm, and the mommies fun. I don't know about you, but mommying in the warm weather is simply easier. In the winter when we're cooped up, I'm always at a loss for interesting things to do. I'm not an especially creative mommy and my kids do a lot of just playing together, but last week I discovered three activities.
1. Mattress Jungle Gym- I was adjusting the bedskirt on Adriana's crib and had placed her mattress on the floor. She went crazy tumbling, rolling, and jumping on it. I'm going to keep the mattress as a "trick up my sleeve" for the next time I need to keep her entertained.
2. Paper Plate Ice Skating- This only works if you have a wood floor. Use a paper plate for each foot and have a skating party.
3. Duster Ice Hockey- Our "paper plate skating party" evolved into "wood floor hockey". We ditched the plates for this one, grabbed a nerf ball, and gave each kid dusters in place of hockey sticks. Mom was full time goalie with a broom and the table legs were the goal.
Anyway, I hope this helps fill up an afternoon for you and your kiddos. And don't leave comments like "you're so creative" because I'M NOT, and I'm already desprite for new ideas. Anyone know how many days until spring?

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