Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Oregon Trails

Our girl trip was wonderful. My girlfriend Caroline treated us like a queen and princess and we made so many memories.
Our friends live where the Columbia River meets the Pacific in the town of Astoria, Oregon.

If Astoria sounds familiar to you, this photo of the local jail might jog your memory. Astoria was the location for the movie "The Goonies."
Elaina and Adriana played wonderfully together minus some sister-like fighting at the end of the trip. At first, Adriana was bit more enthusiastic making a new friend.

Adriana favorite part of the whole trip was playing with their pet bunny Chloe. The girls probably brought poor Chloe near a bunny version of cardiac arrest as they chased him around shrieking at the top of their lungs. Each morning the first words out of Adriana's mouth were, "Go see bunny?" As she chased him around, she shouted, "I wanna' bunny!"

During the first day, Caroline took me for a walk on the pier. You can see the sea lions lining the dock as they sunned themselves.

This sea lion reminded me of my children as he loudly protested his photo being taken.

Caroline and the girls:

Everywhere we drove, there was so much to see. We drove through the Cascade Mountains and along the Pacific. It was beautiful!

Adriana enjoying the view:

My favorite day of the visit was "beach day". We went during low tide and saw all kinds of neat sea-life. Always up for a photo-op, we changed the girls into matching tutus...beach and tutus just screams for a camera overdose.

To end the weekend, we spent the night in a gorgeous hotel that was designed to look like an Old Hollywood hotel. While Caroline and I oohed and aahed over the decore and the service, the girls had fun climbing on the mini-bar and testing out the matresses.


  1. ...meets the Atlantic? i think you mean Pacific....

  2. Not to be bossy, but technically, it's where the Columbia River Gorge meets the PACIFIC :) lol... Are you still confident in your ability to homeschool?! :) Sorry, that was uncalled for :) And I absolutely love the pic of A's footprints!!!!!!-C


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