Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My favorite quote on our trip to Michigan was from Isaiah as we walked onto the airplane. He turned to me and said, "Mom, this smells like germs." I'd never heard it put that way, but I couldn't disagree. As I said in the last post, we went there for a wedding. Here are a couple photos at the reception...
With Grandpa:

And Grandma:

Uncle Eric and Aunt Autumn:

Being ushers:

And brothers:

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  1. ok, no disrespect to the photographer ... but that is a AMAZING frame-worthy picture of your husband next to an awful she-looks-like-an-alien photo of your daughter. lol... maybe you could airbrush her out. :) just teasing. Glad you guys had fun ... sweet, sweet, pics of your birthday boy!!!! i am loving finally getting to "know" my camera. You know those "everything I know about life, I learned in kindergarten" posters? everything I learned about nikons I learned from Alyssa Anne Photography. THANK YOU!!!!! Love to my fave southern belle and her fam! - C


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