Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Potty Trained

It happened before my eyes. I had put Adriana on the toilet a few times before bed or baths and rewarded her with candy when she actually put something into the potty. I wasn't very serious about anything, but she decided that free candy was way too good of an opportunity to pass up. So last month at ripe age of 21 months, she potty-trained herself. I was too busy with trips to jump on board, so I left her in diapers. Three weeks ago we officially made the transition to "Princess Panties", and we work diligently to keep Cinderella dry. My apologies to all the jealous mommies that want to hurt me right now.
In other news, my sister Christine announced on Mother's Day that my kids will be getting another cousin. You can imagine how thrilled we are. Can anyone say "newborn photo shoot"?

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  1. Oh yeah, well my daughter learned to speak Chinese overnight and our bunny knows sign language. Beat that!!!! Ok fine, just add me to the list of mommies who want to hurt you. I'm SO THRILLED that Miss Cinderella panties is "making her mark on the world" by leaving all the other tots in the diaper-dust. We are still shelling out loads o' cash for pampers, thank you very much. Don't worry, we'll just see whose kid learns how to surf first :) lol... PS: your soccer star is getting to be so handsome! I love how serious he looks on the field! you have been BUSY, girl! hope your girl-fest was wonderfully refreshing! love, C


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